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Positive Psychology Academy

Science of Positive Psychology to engage your employees and bring their performance to the next level. 

Employee Engagement

– Workplace Well-being Series

Bite-size learning to engage your employees and bring their performance to the next level 

Positive Psychology


Workplace Wellbeing 

Physical Well-being



From Stress to Being the Best 



Mindfulness at Workplace

Emotional Well-being

Emotional Intelligence at Workplace
by Certified Six Seconds EQ Practitioners
Emotional Well-being
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Mental Well-being

Positive Thinking Mastery 

Mental Well-being

Awaken Your Creative Mind

Mental Positive
Mental Creative

Relationship Well-being

Psychology of Relationship via Enneagram 
Communication Excellence at Workplace
Influencing Excellence at Workplace
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“I know Matchy through Toastmasters.  His captivating presentation is very influential. In addition, I am drawn to his truly living a life with positive energy.  He has won my confidence to hire him to help my company. 


Talent Academy has helped my team of a size of 50 members for 2 different programs in 2015 mainly in Team Development program and Coaching Technique for the supervisory level of management. My team was motivated and more committed to their jobs after the program.


One thing I liked was their dynamic idea which has tailor made for client’s needs.  They are really easy to work with and has open mind to exchange ideas with clients. I found the experience very positive working with Matchy and his team.  I would recommend Talent Academy to people who need People Development and Company Motivation programs.” 


Ms. Agnes Lo

Senior Regional Learning & Development Manager

L’Occitane (Far East) Ltd.

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