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What will happen when you think about what is right with pepole rather than fixing on what’s wrong with them.

Donald O Clifton, Father of Positive Psychology 

Unleashing Leadership Power

Learn about the new science of leadership and bring your leaders to the next level

Strengths-based Leadership 

Positive Psychology is the new science of human development and performance. It focuses on identifying the factors in driving positive well-being and greatness. Strengths-based Leadership is the application of Positive Psychology via the Strengthsfinder 2.0 tool in addressing leadership and people challenges in the workplace. Its goal is to help leaders and their organizations achieve extraordinary results.


By positively aligning your people with higher levels of energy, engagement, creativity, productivity, and purpose, a leader can not only drive the business strategy in these fast-changing environment, but he/she can also drive organizational performance. Robust and compelling scientific findings have demonstrated that when people and teams are optimizing their strengths and working in a positive environment, they:


  • feel more accomplished,

  • become more engaged,

  • develop deeper professional relationships,

  • experience greater meaning in their work,

  • and accomplish extraordinary results.


We have developed different versions of the Strengths-based programs for general staff, first-line supervisors, managers, and executives. 


"Matchy has a very positive and enthusiastic way of teaching and very structured way of presenting. It was easy to listen to and understand Matchy; he shows knowledge and experience in the field. He is a trustworthy person, which I find crucial for this type of leadership and management development course."


Hufschmid Marion

Executive Director, Structured Investment Sales

Banco Santander


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