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Our team of professional instructional designers and trainers can work with you to convert the face to face training to the virtual trainings.


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Alman Tang,

Senior Product Manager, Bausch & Lomb HK

The Virtual Training sharing session is very fruitful. For amateur, Matchy & Christopher demonstrated the skills for presenting in virtual environment and how to engage with audiences. The tips are practical even for having internal conference call or meetings that help increasing overall response from the team. I found the whole sessions inspiring and thanks for Matchy & Christopher’s preparation to keep me engaged in the entire program.

Fred Chiu,

Learning Partner, Manulife

The program is very practical and I learn a lot from Matchy and from other participants in the discussion. Even though it's a virtual setting and the session is a bit overrun,  I feel very engaged. And Matchy is very professional, personable, resourceful as always.

Dicky Tong,

General Manager, Engineering Leaders

Asia Co Ltd.

The High Tech High Touch Virtual Training Sharing was full of useful tips both in terms of training style and use of practical tools/features of the online platform. It was eye-opening for me.


Matchy combined his years of f2f training and new era of on-line training and showed us it's never too late to adapt to inspire.

What the Participants say about our Virtual Trainings

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