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Train-the Virtual-Trainer Certification Program.

TRANSFORM yourself into an effective virtual trainer.

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Program Overview

With the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and the advancement of technology, virtual training has become the “New Normal” for many corporations. The surge in demand for virtual training has posed a real challenge to training professionals because great face-to-face trainers are not automatically master virtual trainers.  Developing key competencies, such as the abilities to design and facilitate highly effective and engaging virtual training, has therefore become vital for virtual trainers’ success.  


If you’re a training professional and have these questions in your mind, come to join our Train-The-Virtual-Trainer (TTVT) Certification Program and find out the answers!

  • What changes do I need to make when switching from face-to-face delivery to online delivery?

  • As compared with face-to-face training, what should I need to do differently when designing the pre-learning journey and post-learning journey? 

  • How to actively engage with the participants?  What are some of the fun-filled virtual activities? 

  • How to use different kinds of platform tools?  Any dos & don’ts? 

Our Train-The-Virtual-Trainer (TTVT) Certification Program aims at transforming trainers into effective virtual trainers, so that they can create engaging experiences for the learners while achieving the learning outcomes. 

Program Objectives

By the end of this certification program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the essentials for becoming a successful virtual trainer. 

  • Apply the necessary knowledge and tools to design effective and engaging virtual programs

  • Use a variety of practical tools and techniques for greater audience interaction and engagement in the virtual classrooms

  • Get quick tips to use different equipment (like camera, microphone, lighting etc.) for making impactful and influential online presentations

Train-The-Virtual-Trainer Certification Program

Typing on a Computer

Module 1

Virtual Training Essentials

  • Different Types of Digital Learnings

  • Essential Shift from Face-to-Face (F2F) Training to Virtual Training (VT) 

  • Top 7 Virtual Trainer Competence

Module 2

VT Design & Audience Engagement I

  • 3-Step Virtual Training Design Framework 

  • 5 Golden Keys for Virtual Training Design 

Taking Notes
Designer On Computer

Module 3

VT Design & Audience Engagement II

  • 8 Platform Tools for Creating an Engaging Learning Experiences and Journey 

Module 4

VT Delivery 

  • 4 Essential Keys for Online Facilitator Presence 

  • Skills Practise 

Participants will get the certificate by completing all the modules and the application assignments
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Program Information

Dates & Time


Module 1 & 2



Module 3 & 4 



Please email us if you are interested 


with English Materials 

Virtual Platform


Program Fees

Regular Price

HK$3,800 per person 

 Graduate Sharing

Mr Jeremy Yu, Regional Talent Development Manager

Informa Markets Asia  

What the Participants say about our Virtual Training 

This training (Train-The-Virtual-Trainers Certification Program) is a very experiential one. Highly recommended for all trainers who want to advance their virtual training skills.

Edmund Chok

Assistant Manager Human Resources

New World Development Company

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