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"Service" is taking action to create value for someone else. 

 - Ron Kaufman

 Sales & Services Solutions

In the Sales & Services Academy, a variety of learning modules aims at building up the sales and servicing capabilities of the sales and servicing professionals.

The learning modules are as follows: 


  • Services Leadership 

  • Exceptional Customers Services Skills

  • Needs-based Selling Skills 

  • Customers Complaints Handling 


Apart from the learning modules, we have the expertise and capabilities in partnering with organizations to design intervention to build the services culture.


We would like to thank Talent Academy for the recent learning opportunities that Matchy and his team delivered to us.  

We are impressed by the passion, professionalism and the commitment that Talent Academy has put into this Customer Services project and it was truly a wonderful experience working with his team.   The skills learned related to how to deliver great customer experiences and handle customers complaints effectivley are very practical to our daily work.  

Our heartfelt appreciation to Talent Academy!


Liza Fung

Senior Director, Customer Contact Centre

Manulife (International) Limited


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