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The Power of Focus

The 8 Week Mindfulness Program

  • A very effective programme to establish sustainability of short mindfulness session**   

  • Adaptation of well researched 8-week Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy Programme developed by Oxford Mindfulness Centre

  • All exercises and mindfulness practices are customized based on the busy lives of working executives

  • Mindfulness teacher will provide feedback on the weekly self reflection of each participant

  • High level of continuity after the 1-day EQ program 

** 2-hour , 4-hour and 8-hour version of Mindfulenss at Workplace program can be organised

The 8 Week Mindfulness Program- Content

  • 8 x 2-hour weekly sessions

  • 8 topics under 3 modules- I)  foundation of mindfulness, II) handling negativity and stress and III) finding peace and nourishment 

  • Experience different mindfulness practices throughout the journey

  • Ample time for self reflection to facilitate paradigm shift

  • Weekly mindfulness practices and habit releasers 

  • Applications in the workplace 

Katy Mok

  • Dedicated in promoting mindfulness to corporations and the public

  • Psychotherapist and Corporate Trainer

  • Mindfulness teacher;  foundation course organized by Oxford Mindfulness Centre and HK Mindfulness Centre

  • Mindfulness based stress reduction programme

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