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Here comes a positive mind!

We bet you must have thought of the following questions at least once in your life, especially when you are staying alone and trying to sleep at night.

What do you live for?

And what are you happy for?

Whether or not you could answer these questions at the end, our positive-mind mastery workshop will surely shed light on your answer and share to you the beauty of positivity.

Such a session is presented by Talent Academy recently to a renowned local beverage brand, and tailored-made for people at the workplace. In the program, a meaningful activity was conducted to bring out everyone’s ultimate life intention. It also reminded every participant to focus on what we treasure and lay down our burdens. We could feel the excitement and, at the same time, realisation from all the participants.

We are convinced that this is the best program for your company to boost the employees’ positivity and allow them to master a positive mind. Through the lively guidance and thought-provoking activities in the session, undoubtedly, your employees can learn and most vitally, earn much more than just thinking on their own at night.

What do you live for? What are you happy for?

You definitely do not want to miss out the chance to get back the happiness in your life from the 2-hour relaxing and cheerful session.

Path to meaning and happiness of life:


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