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To Empower Workforce with Positivity & Capabilities to Flourish




We design and develop our solutions based on the science of organizational psychology and its research-based applications as well as our practical corporate experiences. 



We value every organization, team and individual as a unique entity, thus, customized and personalized services matter to us.  



We design solutions that fit human nature, who strive to flourish and connect with each other in a positive manner.  



We are a team of highly innovative and creative consultants who bring wow solutions and vitality to organizations and the workforce. 



We provide not just training programs but also a development journey that ensures the transfer the learning to the workplace, which in turn impacts on the organizational metrics. 


Building on the science of organizational and positive psychology, we create the developmental journey for leaders, teams and employees that drive engagement, transform performance and sustain development. 


By positively changing the ways people think, feel and act, positive changes will emerge,

which in turn will allow individuals, teams and organizations to flourish.

Who Are We

Talent Academy Limited is a Hong Kong based corporate training & human resources consulting company, serving companies across Asia, aims at transforming individual, team and organization from ordinary to extraordinary.

Specialized in team building, employee engagement, leadership training and talent development, we provide a wide range of training and development programs, consultancy, coaching and assessment services.

We have a team of consulting psychologists, human resources and talent development professionals with versatile expertise and experience.

Our core foundation is built on Positive and Organizational Psychology, alongside with experiences in multi-national corporations.

  • Employee Engagement​ / Positive Well-Being Program

  • Team Building and Development

  • Organizational Development 

  • Leadership and Management Training

  • Career Management and Performance Management

  • Talent Assessment, Development and Management

  • Psychometric Assessment 

  • Executive & Manager Coaching

  • Career & Performance Coaching

  • Strategic Offsite Event Design and Deliver

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