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"Efficiency is doing things right;

effectiveness is doing the right things.

Peter Drucker

Mgt Power

Unleashing Managerial Power

Equip your managers with essential mindset, skillset and toolset to manage others effectively

Hiring for Success

One of the key roles as a manager is to hire and select the right people in the team. The mis-selection not only imposes tangible costs to an organization, but also the intangible negative impact such as team morale, time cost in training, etc. 


Research has shown that a well-structured and research-based selection methodology will significantly increase the chance of right hiring. The competency-based interviewing technique has been used by many multi-national organizations in assessing the potential job applicants. 


The “Hiring for Success” program aims at equipping the managers with a structured interviewing process and skills in assessing and hiring the right candidates for the organization.


Managing Performance for Success

To ensure the organization achieves its goals, one of the key managers’ roles is to drive and manage the performance of his/her people. 


Performance management is one of the strategic human resources tools in aligning every employee with the right direction, targets, and focus on their day-to-day work.  It involves in setting the objectives, giving constructive feedback, and regular performance review. 


The “Managing Performance Results” program aims at equipping the managers with the right mindset and skillset in managing and maximizing performance from their people.


Managing Career for Success

To retain your people, career development is one of the most important human resources agenda. As a manager, your ability to conduct effective and meaningful career dialogue and coaching with the staff is essential to retain and develop your people. 

By doing so, it can help the managers in building up the succession pipeline, while developing staff capability in taking up bigger challenges. 


The “Managing Career for Success” program aims at equipping managers with the mindset and skills in conducting meaningful career dialogue with their people. By doing so, it helps to foster commitment and development of their people. 

Leading Changes

Leading Changes for Breakthrough

Delegate to Empower

By becoming a manager, one of major differences, compared to an individual contributor, is “to deliver results through other people.” There is an important paradigm shift from me to us, from delivering results on your own to delivering results through team. Thus, the readiness and skills in delegation is critical to a manager’s success. 


The “Delegating to Empower” program aims at equipping the manager with the empowering mindset and structured process to delegate effectively.

To win in today’s competitive business world, organizations need to be agile not only in responding to changes, but also taking proactive actions to initiate changes for breakthrough. 


One of the key managers’ roles is to lead through changes initiative by supporting their people to navigate through changes as quickly as they can. In the process, it often triggers a lot of negative emotions. 


The “Leading Changes for Breakthrough” program aims at equipping managers with the understanding of the psychology of changes, and the skills to communicate changes in a positive manner. 




Motivate to Uplift

To sustain performance and stretch the employees to the next level, a manager’s ability to motivate and energize the people are important. 

The traditional “carrot and stick” approach might be appropriate in certain situations and people. Yet, the latest research* has shown that sustainable momentum relies on three key factors, namely, autonomy, mastery, and purpose. 


The “Motivating to Uplift” program aims at equipping the managers with the understanding of the latest research on motivation. By doing so, the managers can devise strategies and plans to motivate their people in a sustainable manner. 

* Drive by Daniel Pink 


Resolving Conflicts to Harmonize

When people come together, they will either create synergy or they will create negative energy. Often times, when people work together, conflicts emerge owing to the differences in their agenda, priorities, personalities, values, or needs. As a manager, one of your core roles is to revolve and manage conflicts effectively, so that you can bring out the beauty of the team. 


The “Resolving Conflicts to Harmonize” program aims at equipping the managers with the understanding about the nature of conflicts and the skills in managing them effectively. 



Crucial Conversation

Managing Crucial Conversation to Connect

In the workplace, there is often some high stakes situations that require the managers to have crucial conversations. These situations are like dealing with angry customers or co-workers, delivering bad news such as laying-off plans, negotiating with tough customers, giving feedback to poor performing staff, etc. As a manager, you need to have both the courage and consideration in managing these crucial conversations to maintain good relationships and build trust. 


The “Managing Crucial Conversation to Connect” program aims at equipping the managers with the principles and skills in managing crucial conversation, so that they can better to connect with others.  


Performing and Engaging

Fostering High Performing & Engaging Team 

Building your dream team is a process and journey. A high performing and engaging team can perform double, or even triple, than an average team. Team members will feel proud and engaged to strive for excellence. As a manager, your capability to foster an engaging and high performing team is crucial. 


The “Fostering Engaging and High Performing Teams” program will provide managers with an impactful experiences and framework in building the dream team. 


Facilitating Meeting for Success

Have you ever attend meetings that are long, boring, and ineffective? An ineffective meeting often wastes organizational resources, while an effective meeting will foster connection and accelerate outcomes. Being an effective meeting facilitator is a learnable skill. 


The “Facilitating Meeting for Success” program aims at equipping managers with the skillset in making every meeting effective and meaningful for all who attend. 



Managing Generations for Success

In today’s workplace, there is co-existence of five generations of workforce, namely are the Traditionalists (since 1930), the Baby Boomers (since 1943), Generation X (since 1965), Generation Y (since 1981), and the upcoming workforce, the Millennials (since 2000). Each generation has its unique characteristics, values, and preferences in the workplace. 


As a manager, your understanding and ability to manage different generations in your team will accelerate your team performance. 


The “Managing Generations for Success” program aims at helping the managers to appreciate the beauty and values of each generation. They will also learn the techniques and tips in managing different generations. 


Be a Professional Facilitator & Trainer

There is a saying, “Give man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” As a manager and leader, one of your core roles is to build more capable managers and leaders like you. Thus, your ability to transfer knowledge and skills effectively is important. 


As for adult learning, transfer of knowledge and skills often requires more than telling. There is a set of principles and skills in training and facilitation based on human psychology. 


The “Be a Professional Trainer and Facilitator” program aims at equipping managers with the principles and practical skills in adult learning, training, and facilitation. 



Finance for Non-Finance Managers 

As a well-rounded manager, you not only need to deal with people and tasks effectively, but you also have to deal with numbers, the finances.  Financial reports are often regarded as the temperature checking of the company, which informs you whether you are hitting the right targets or deviating from them. A manager who has the finance acumen can often derive sound decisions. 


The “Making Financials Operational” program aims at equipping managers with basic financial knowledge and skills in interpreting the key financial statements of every business. 


“Our group of people managers (future leaders) went through a very fruitful, inspiring and transforming leadership journey with Talent Academy Limited.  At the end of the Program, the participants were able to talk to our HK CEO directly and share their learning throughout the journey with the senior leaders.  The interaction was rewarding to them.  In addition, the best part of the journey was to see all the people managers built a stronger bonding and continue the bonding now.”


Nancy Hui

Senior Manager, Organizational Development

Aon Service Corporation


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