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2 FAQs about Strengths-Development Program

In a strengths-based coaching program for managers, a common inquiry arises: “How does strengths-based coaching differ from traditional coaching?” This question delves into what truly sets this approach apart from conventional methods. Picture a journey where weaknesses fade into the background, and your innate strengths take center stage. Instead of probing, "What are your weaknesses? What needs improvement in 2024?", your manager shifts the focus, asking, "What are your strengths? How can you leverage them to achieve your 2024 goals?" Consider how you would feel when responding to these two sets of questions. Which one ignites a sense of empowerment and energy within you?

Another frequently asked question is, “Does strengths-based coaching ignore our weaknesses? Is it too myopic to solely focus on strengths?” This query often stems from misconceptions about strengths-based coaching programs. From a strengths-based development standpoint, weaknesses encompass anything hindering success, whether it's a lack of knowledge, skills, or even the misapplication of strengths. Given that you excel when leveraging your strengths, and vice versa, various strategies can address weaknesses. For instance, you can collaborate with someone whose strengths complement your weaknesses. In our strengths-based coaching, we equip managers with diverse strategies to manage weaknesses while harnessing the power of strengths.

As coaches or managers, we employ a series of strengths-based questions to empower team members and facilitate positive behavioral changes. Here are some potent strengths-based coaching questions:


  • Recall a time when you felt particularly successful or accomplished? What strengths were you using?

  • What feedback have you received from others about your strengths or areas where you excel?

  • In what areas of work do you feel most confident and capable?

  • What values or principles are most important to you, and how do your strengths align with them?

These questions serve as formidable tools in strengths-based coaching, fostering self-discovery, confidence-building, and goal alignment. By delving into strengths in these ways, individuals can unlock their full potential, leading to greater success and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.


Interested in accessing the full list of strengths-based coaching questions to support your team members' development?

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