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Creativity as an Antidote to Insanity: Revamping L&D under the New Normal

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein

Let us consider we are all insane at some point in our lives. — Until our insanity has reached its maximum, when the pandemic catastrophe has swept the world.

We are embracing a whole new world: Fewer transits to work, yet more micro-management at home. Fewer traveling, yet more Netflix binge-watching to feed our rampant desire for self-indulgence. Fewer social interactions due to restricted intimacy and closeness, means more distant space between you and me. How can we turn that space into rooms for stretching, leveraging, and the longing for learning? How can we transform digital barriers into bridges?

Our principal consultant, Mr. Matchy Ma brought a regional team of L&D professionals from a luxury retail company onto a trip of discovery. Sitting behind the screen, they embarked on this exciting mind travel, breaking down the feeling of “placelessness” and “nowhereness”, piloting new ways of learning via the collective calibration of a boom of technological tools, gleaning through options and finding their focus for mastery.

Under this era of fierce competition for attention, led by Matchy’s profound belief in the gamification, social and emotional intelligence to adapt to changes, L&D participants were learning how they would like to learn — to build and sustain, educate and entertain, always experiment with fashion solutions that keep us sane.

As the new normal opens the gateway to endless learning possibilities, it also opens the channel for a veritable explosion of creative flares among trainers and learners. Let innovation and inspiration invade the space between us.

As a trainer, the first step to reap for co-creation is at We help you carry on with creativity as a catalyst for change!

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