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Knowing Oneself Better and Making the Team Stronger through DiSC

The only constant in life is change.”- Heraclitus

We live in what Stephen Covey calls a "white water world”, a world of interconnections, fast pacing, constant change and systemic impatience. Business has to adapt and respond rapidly to the changing world to excel and sustain short, medium to long term growth.

An agile approach is necessary on both corporate and personal levels to keep successful organisations flexible, limber, and able to roll with the tides of change so that once the storm is over, they will be floating at the top.

In close collaboration with the Bank’s Human Resources Department and Compliance Office, Talent Academy recently designed and conducted a series of Team Development Events for over 60 local and regional team members of a multi-national Japanese Bank, as part of the Bank’s leadership, team and staff development endeavors in support of a function’s transformation journey. The objective is to help the professional team better understand and embrace personal differences and manage change, so that they can better collaborate with business stakeholders as a trusted advisor.

Through bespoke designs and engaging activities such as Psychology of Change and DiSC psychometric assessment, participants were given opportunity to test their level of KYS (Know Yourselves) before diving into the subject matters by which they had to work together in presentations to internalize their learning.

Encouraging feedback was received from the sponsoring managers and participants for achieving their learning objectives plus an overdose of fun and team spirit!

If you're looking for a meaningful, impactful and exciting team development event, simply contact us via .

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