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Enabling Employees to Embrace Change Through Positive & Solution-based Mindset & Tools

There is a saying: “The only thing that is constant is change’. In today’s workplace, changes are inevitable as organizations need to introduce different change initiatives in order to stay competitive in the market, to improve operational efficiency, and to enhance employee engagement and performance.

Since most of the people tend to stay in their comfort zone and resist to change, how can we support the employees to navigate through change with a positive attitude?

Based on the theoretical concepts of organizational and positive psychology, Talent Academy designed and facilitated a change program for 180 store managers of a global beverage company. During the program, participants learnt about positive and solution-based mindset and tools. At the end of the program, they were so high-spirited. They agreed that the program could help them gain greater confidence in leading their teams to achieve business results amid change.

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