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Share the Challenges, Build a Closer Bond through Room Escape Adventures

Talent Academy has organized a challenging yet fun-filled team building activity for the female engineers of a public utility company. Participants were divided into small teams. They were physically locked in pre-set scenarios rooms and had only one goal to achieve – ESCAPE!

To escape from a room before the clock runs out, which is barely possible if left to individuals’ own endeavors, team members must collaborate to follow clues and solve puzzles. The team devised their strategies and plans, leveraged individual team members’ talents and demonstrated skills on teamwork, communication, organization, problem solving and decision making…just like their office! To make the escape adventure even more exciting, a scoring scheme was incorporated and different teams strove for the championship. Debriefing sessions followed each round of game and team members had the opportunity to discuss and analyze their adventures, reflect on their learning and summarize their takeaways. They would remember this unique team building experience around their office for years to come.

Thinking about organizing an unforgettable, adventurous team building activity for your team? Simply drop us a line at .

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