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[ Psychology of Communication ] Program

Never assume the obvious is true.” – William Safire

Essentially, communication in workplace is more about an automatic pattern of questioning and answering, asking and replying. It is about removing the assumptions we habitually attach to, for example, the assumption that co-workers have the same kind of communication styles that you have. It is also about understanding the intentions and emotions behind the information in the communication process. More importantly, it is about building trusting relationships so that both parties feel safe to express and cooperate.

Our consultant, Ms Katy Mok, conducts communication workshops based on her extensive psychology knowledge and deep understanding of human psyche. Katy provides an evidence-based and systematic approach to remove our maladaptive assumptions and facilitate understanding of people we are communicating with verbally and non-verbally. Participants will then learn how to manage their own stress and emotions during discussions, meetings and presentations. Last but not least, they will take back to their workplace the strategies to communicate effectively and compassionately.

Now, imagine you can enhance your communication skill, state management and relationships in one go!

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