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Presenting with 3V!

‘People who know what they’re talking about don’t need a PowerPoint.’

Surely you are not Steve Jobs. But how about a few steps closer to this phenomenal presenter in this century? We are convinced that with great presentation skills like Steve Jobs, everyone can pass any presentation with flying colours.

And we, are now providing you a chance.

All the presentations involve three-Vs, including Steve Jobs’ one. They are Visual, Vocal and Verbal. Our ‘Presentation with Impact’ workshop covers these three-Vs in a meticulously designed manner and logistic. This workshop has recently been launched in a multinational insurance company and the participants were given lots of chances to practice their presentation skills after they have learnt the three-Vs in the workshop. They have brought their recent presentation slides, enhanced their work, and made a short presentation using all their learning at the end of the workshop. It is convinced that the workshop has reached its outcome because every one of them has made significant improvement in their prepared presentation and it is also assured that the skills are already engraved in their minds.

Grab your chance to present like a pro! Gate to a professional presenter:

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