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What Is that One Magical Thing to Make the Annual Performance Reviews Hassle-Free?

2022 is coming to an end in about two weeks. Managers are busy at work to prepare and get ready for their employees’ year-end performance appraisal meetings. Recently, we received a number of requests from our clients, asking for our signature training program on annual performance reviews that is geared towards helping managers create an effective performance review process.

In the program, we often ask the managers, “If you have been doing this one magical thing in your day-to-day job, you don’t need to come to this program”.

So, what is this one magical thing? Take a wild guess.

Bingo! It is the “Ongoing Feedback & Coaching”. Having regular performance conversations and providing ongoing support to employees all year long are always key to effective performance management. “We can build our muscle by having a 15-minute resistance training a day instead of exercising a couple of hours all at once.” – a metaphor that we often use in the program. By doing ongoing performance reviews, the year-end performance appraisal meeting would not be another time-consuming “annual event” for both the manager and the employee, but a constructive wrap-up meeting for an open, collaborative discussion about accomplishments, areas for development and goals for the year ahead.

Are your managers going through the hassle of doing performance appraisals? Contact us to find out how our seasoned consultants can help your managers develop their skills in conducting effective performance reviews.

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