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Mastering teamwork with a masterpiece

There is an African proverb saying that “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” It is Inspiring and very practical indeed.

Teams are ubiquitous, ranging from sports teams to working teams in your company. Building a team is an uphill challenge. To make a team productive, effective teamwork is essential. However, not many of the teams get the essence of it. Someone says it is the common goal that matters the most, while others reckon that respect and understanding are of utmost importance. So, how to build a highly performing team?

In May, we proudly presented our unique program “From One Piece to a Masterpiece” to a group of entrepreneurs. During the program, they communicated and understood their different expectations on their teams. Also, they deepened their understanding on others’ personalities through a simplified and lively MBTI test and most extraordinarily, an impactful drawing. They went through an in-depth yet memorable and enjoyable thinking and discussion process in a 3-hour session. It is convinced that this phenomenal program, together with sustained learning, can provide a far-reaching and outstanding outcome in their team development hereafter.

As we always believe, T-E-A-M stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. If you are interested in our team building programs, please contact us via

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