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Learning Can Happen Anywhere. A Surge in Demand for Virtual Training amid Coronavirus Outbreak.

The catchphrase “Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning” has become so popular these days. The social distancing measures to avoid the spread of novel coronavirus infection has put virtual learning in the limelight. Not only the educational institutions but also the organizations have scrambled to make the switch from in-class to virtual training in order to continue the learning in times of upheaval.

While most of the digital learning platforms are fairly easy to use, however, when it comes to the actual delivery of program content and the facilitation of participant engagement in the virtual classrooms, it is a different story. Many trainers may find it challenging to transfer the real classroom training into highly effective, interactive and engaging online lessons. They may encounter challenges such as difficulty in keeping online participants interested and connected throughout the entire programs, having fewer tools to support multimodality, etc. So, how can trainers go the extra mile to make the virtual training impactful, and enjoyable?

We recently delivered a facilitated, interactive online training program to 50 newly promoted managers of a listed company with a great success. In hopes of promoting best practice and raising the bar for the profession, we held an online Virtual Training Sharing Session last week to share our first-hand, invaluable experience in virtual training with over 50 training practitioners in the community. To further help virtual trainers alleviate frustration, we have come up with a list of top 15 tips for facilitating effective virtual training (see the pictures attached).

We now offer short virtual training programs on Effective Virtual Meeting Facilitation, Virtual Training & Facilitation, Engaging Team & Driving Performance in the Virtual World and Managing Stress & Cultivating Positive Emotions in Times of Uncertainties. If you are interested to know more about these programs as well as how we can help with your needs for virtual training, simply contact us through 3728-1248 or

With the right skills and techniques, you will find the virtual training experience a rewarding and enjoyable one.

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