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IT Professionals Across 8 Countries Get Together Virtually to Learn How to Give Killer Presentations

Matchy Ma, the Founder and Principal Consultant, recently got the opportunity to design and deliver a four half-day presentation skills online program to more than a dozen IT professionals across 8 countries.

Apart from learning the core essentials of giving a powerful presentation, such as getting well prepared, being audience-centric, having a well-thought-out design, adopting storytelling techniques, making the delivery passionate and memorable, participants also learnt to bring their presentations to the next level through the following two “-LOGY”:

TechoLOGY - From technical tips (webcam, lighting, microphone options) to the art of guiding virtual audience’s focus

PsychoLOGY – Being present in the moment as a presenter while engaging the virtual audience to make everyone feel involved and connected

Want to turn your colleagues into authentic speakers who can give killer presentations? Start here by contacting us through .

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