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New Year New Goal, Yet .....

New Year, New Goal, Yet …...

It’s been a week since the new year. Believe that you have already taken time to step back, reflect and set goals for the new year.

Statistics show that over 25% of people will give up their goals after one week, while majority cannot sustain their goals attainment till end February and only 10% can make it till the end of the year.

Given the above statistics, will you still set goals for the new year?

Although many of us will give up and cannot sustain their goals till the end, I still encourage you to set goals as when we feel hopeful in the beginning of the year and when we have the “fire” inside our heart to make 2023 a better year for ourselves.

The new year is a golden time to rekindle our passion and dreams. Our goals will become our magnet in 2023 that will drive us forward.

I had the habit of setting goals every year since I was in the college. Over the years, I am glad that I am among the top 10% in achieving the goals set. What is the secret behind?

I have to thank all the people who taught me the psychology of setting and achieving goals, such as publicly declare your goals, find your big why behind your goals, make your big goal a bite size one, set up the daily rituals, reward yourself etc.

Dear friends/ partners, if you do not set you goals yet, do it now as you still feel hopeful in the beginning of the year.


新一年到現在已經將近一周了, 相信您已經 花了一點時間反思2022, 並為2023新的一年設定目標。

統計顯示,超過25%的人會在一周後便 忘記或放棄了目標,而大多數人到二月底已經把目標忘記得一干二淨,只有10%的人能把目標堅持到年底。


儘管我們 很容易把目標忘記或放棄,但我仍然鼓勵您在年初, 當你充滿希望, 當你心裏有團火, 要把2023年成為你人生美好的一年的時候設定目標。

新的一年,是重燃激情與夢想的黃金時刻。 我們的目標將在 2023 年成為我們的磁石, 推動我們前進。

自從上大學以來,我每年都有設定目標的習慣。 多年來,我很高興在實現目標方面, 都能貫徹到底, 把目標完成, 背後的秘密是什麼?

我要感謝多年來心理學的學習,良師益友的幫助,比如公開分享你的目標,找到你目標背後的巨大原因, 把目標寫下來, 讓你的大目標 變成小目標,建立日常儀式 (daily rituals),獎勵自己等等, 都是實踐目標的心理技巧

親愛的朋友,如果你還沒有設定目標, 趁着在年初,你仍然對未來充滿希望的時候, 把你的目標寫下來。

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