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Feedback beyond Performance: The Key to Becoming Highly Effective, Infinite-Minded People Managers

Do you still remember that piece of feedback that created a lasting impact in your life? Was it from your family, your partner, or your manager?

Our tongue is a two-sided blade. Words that come from our mouths are powerful. On one hand, they can deliver somewhat uncomfortable news to unsuspecting employees — a top-down exercise that many managers may dislike. On the other hand, they can instill and drive positive changes in employee behavior and attitude.

Our Principal Consultants, Mr. Matchy Ma and Mr. Christopher Lee, delivered a high-impact training program to managers of a renowned luxury brand, in hopes of accelerating changes in the management level - from leading the self to leading others, from functional to people management, and from result-oriented to enhancing people engagement.

To become highly effective people managers, knowing the essentials of effective feedback with ongoing practice are the keys to success. During the training program, participants learnt about the purpose of giving effective feedback, as well as how to give feedback for performance and development. They also went through a range of business simulation games, which were designed to facilitate their mindset and skill set shifts while honing their leadership skills, such as their ability of dealing with changing priorities of tasks and being observant to identify undercover demotivated teammates.

Through the 360-degree feedback (senior managers, peers, and our trainers), not only did the participants gain a fuller picture of themselves, but also of their team members’ capabilities and characters. On top of that were case studies, demonstrations, role-plays, and hot seats, all the tools necessary to turn performance issues and setbacks into opportunities for growth, driving a culture of openness and transparency.

Want to develop effective, infinite-minded people managers for organizational success? Our training solutions can be customized to address your organizational dynamics and leadership challenges. Simply contact us at and kickstart the transformation journey to be a catalyst of genuine change!

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