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[First-ever Corporate Virtual Training in Times of Upheaval]

We are delighted to share our successful delivery of our first-ever 90-minute facilitated and interactive online training program. This program is targeted to 50 newly promoted managers of a listed company yesterday, helping them to realize the keys to becoming successful managers.


This online training program was carefully designed by taking into consideration of the psychology of learning and the limitations of online facilitation.  Through different effective engagement tactics and a variety of interactive lesson activities, participants were able to actively participate in the program through the online platform.  From the positive feedback given by the participants (see the attached photo), we are excited to learn that the best learning results have been achieved.


We realized that many people have become more interested in doing online training and facilitation.  In view of this, we are going to organize a series of online training about virtual training.

Stay tune with us.










先分享一個小秘訣: 做網上教學,你必須有一個好拍檔,負責照顧網絡上的Technical部份,而Trainer就可以專心在網上教學和與學員互動!

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