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How Training Professionals Benefit from our TTVT Program. Hear What Graduate Has to Say About It.

In May 2020, just as the pandemic began to seriously affect L&D activities around the world, we launched our first Train-The-Virtual-Trainer Certification Program to corporate trainers, helping them to develop the knowledge and skills needed to deliver highly impactful, interactive, and engaging online training, while enabling them to become competent virtual trainers so that they could adapt to the new normal and achieve career success.

Up to now, over 100 delegates from nearly 40 local and multinational organizations have successfully completed the program. To share with the public how rewarding the program is in terms of helping training professionals upskill in the Covid-19 era, Mr. Matchy Ma, our Lead Facilitator, has interviewed one of the graduates, Mr. Jeremy Yu, Regional Talent Development Manager, Informa Markets Asia.

In the interview, Jeremy shared his journey to transforming himself into a competent virtual trainer. He also shared how the program has enabled him to accelerate the program development of his virtual training, as well as how the program has helped him develop the virtual training competencies in a short space of time.

The interview consists of three parts. Let’s hear what Jeremy says.

Part I : TTVT Graduate Sharing - From Offline to Online Training

Eps 1 Video with English Subtitles

Part II: TTVT Graduate Sharing - Feeling, Learning & Application

EPS 2 Video with English Subtitles

Part III: TTVT Graduate Sharing - Learner Experience About the Facilitators & the Program

Eps 3 Video with English Subtitles

Want to find out how our TTVT program can help you excel? Join our next virtual Train-The-Virtual-Trainer Certification Program (5 & 19 March 2021, 9am-1pm) and enjoy our early bird offer and special discount for two (valid till 19 Feb 2021). Don’t miss the opportunity. For program details and enrollment:

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