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[ Talent Development Program x Hong Kong Elite Athletes]

Today, Talent Academy, together with the three Hong Kong Elite Athletes, share and exchange views with a group of talents from a multinational organisation on how to break through the limits, achieve peak performance and build a high engaging team!

Special thanks to the three Elite athletes , including the Incheon Asian Games Karate Hong Kong representative Ma Man Sum, Hong Kong & World's University Volleyball Representative Horance Wu, and Karate Hong Kong Representative Anthony Lee!

Look forward to sparkling new learning initiatives with you all in the future.

[企業人才發展 x 香港運動員代表]

今天Talent Academy 聯同三位港隊運動員,與一眾跨國運輸物流企業精英管理人員進行運動切磋丶分享交流,探討如何能突破限制,提升表現,營造高效團隊!


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