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Develop your Employees through our Highly Impactful Webinars at Fingertips

The pandemic has changed how employees around the globe are trained without being physically present in traditional classrooms. Over the last two years, we have delivered over 50 highly engaging webinars to more than 1400 employees and managers in different industries, equipping them with the mindsets and tools to grow and thrive.

What's special about our webinars?

  • Accessible – With only a click, employees across multiple locations can connect and learn together

  • Flexible – The length of webinars can be adjusted to suit the needs of employees and your business

  • Interactive – Live polling, chats, breakout sessions, and Q&As to engage with online learners

  • Professional – Our trainers are organizational psychologists and talent development professionals who have vast experience in conducting webinars, amounting to over 4000 e-contact hours accumulated over the last two years

  • Supportive – Electronic learning notes and post-webinar learning resources are made available to reinforce learning

And Exciting too!

A variety of topics across different interests to help employees pick up new skills or learn specific disciplines at their fingertips:

Positive Wellbeing Series

  • Managing Stress and Maintaining Healthy Workplace

  • Stress Management with Neuroscience, Mindfulness & Cognitive Approach

  • Mindfulness at Workplace

  • Positive Psychology at Workplace

  • Uncover Your Strengths

Personal Effectiveness Series

  • Outsmart Psychological Biases in Decision Making

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Fostering a Growth Mindset

  • Resilience & Positive Mindset

  • Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

  • Effective Time Management

Interpersonal Effectiveness Series

  • Communication Excellence at Workplace

  • Influence Excellence at Workplace

  • Presenting for Impact

  • Across-generation Engagement Through Effective Communication

  • Enneagram at Workplace

  • MBTI at Workplace

  • DISC at Workplace

Managerial Effectiveness Series

  • Strengths-based Development

  • Leadership Excellence with EQ

  • Virtual Meeting Master Host

Sales Effectiveness Series

  • Developing a Commercial Mindset

  • Building Effective Client Relationship

What did our webinar participants say?

"This is one of the best courses on its interaction between speaker and audiences via virtual presentation and learning."

"This course is interesting and provides a lot of interaction between the trainer and participants through an online training."

"Very interesting and useful course which can also apply to our daily life with family and friends."

Want to develop your employees through our highly impactful webinars? Simply contact us at to find out more.

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