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Unleash Team's Potential through Strengths-based Team Building Event

Have you ever used your non-dominant hand to write your own name?

If not, try it right now and count the time! How is it different from using your favorite dominant hand?

By using your dominant hand, you surely will do it faster and with better quality. The idea is simple - we are talented to use our own strengths. So, are you and your team using the dominant hand?

Talent Academy has recently provided a team-building solution to one of the world’s most prestige fashion companies to help its employees discover their unique strengths and apply them in the actual working environment to improve the team performance. Through the renowned StrengthsFinder Psychometric Assessment tool and the facilitation by our Gallup StrengthsFinder certified coach Matchy Ma, the participants are able to accurately identify their own strengths, to get a deeper understanding of how they can leverage their strengths, thus contributing to the company, as well as to understand the pitfalls of underusing and overusing their strengths.

Knowing oneself is not enough to build a good team. Talent Academy has also introduced the team profile for the participants to better understand the nature of the team and how they can improve the team performance by leveraging their team strengths. A various aspects have also been discussed and explored, such as the communication within and across departments, teamwork and collaboration and planning and execution. Through the highly interactive team-building activities, the event ended with greater team motivation and higher morale.

Still thinking how to leverage your strengths? Contact us at and you will find the answer.

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