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[Strategic Leadership Program – Elevating the Leaders’ Strategic Thinking to the Next Level]

“Strategy is about making choices and tradeoffs; It is about deliberately choosing to be different” Michael Porter

In our Strategic Leadership Program, we ask the participants to complete the sentence “Strategic Thinking is just like ……” Here are some of the outputs:

  • “Cooking – you need different ingredients in order to create a delicious dish. In business, you need different valuable inputs in order to create a strategy”

  • “Play Mahjong – you need to pay attention to your competitors in order to win the game”

  • “Telescope – you need to see things far enough and clear”

To our C-Level Consultant, Eva Ip, Strategic Thinking is just like “connecting the dots and seeing the patterns”.

In the one-day program, Eva partners with Matchy to design and facilitate a program for a group of senior executives from a multi-national organization, so as to elevate their strategic thinking ability to the next level.

A number of strategic thinking tools such as PESTEL, SWOT, Values Chain etc. are shared and applied for the business. The program adopts a practical approach as participants shall leave the program with a 3-years strategy and plan draft.

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