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Accelerating Growth Through A High-impact Mentoring Program

Mentorship often plays a vital role in our career development. An effective mentoring relationship contributes to the acceleration of mentee's personal growth and career development through the transmission of mentor’s knowledge, experience, and psychological support. To make any mentoring program a successful one, it would require a long-term, highly committed, two-way learning and development partnership between the mentor and the mentee.

Talent Academy is proud to be invited by an utility company to design and deliver a high-impact mentoring program for a group of apprentices. The program sets the stage for mentorship by helping both mentors and mentees better understand their roles and responsibilities, establish a shared sense of purpose, and agree on a set of goals.

The program also includes a variety of highly engaging team activities, which aim to develop a closer bond between mentors and mentees as a solid foundation for the mentoring relationships. We look forward to the successful implementation of the program upon the next review.

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