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Exploring Leadership Qualities through Leadership Foundation Program

“Leaders are not developed in a day, leaders are developed daily.” – Dr. John Maxwell, the Author of the bestselling book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”.

That’s true! There is no magic in this world that can turn a person into a great leader in day. In fact, becoming a successful leader is a gradual process. It takes time, dedication and perseverance for any persons to develop effective leadership abilities through daily practices and ongoing learning. So, back to the basics, what is the foundation of leadership?

Talent Academy recently designed and delivered a Leadership Foundation Program to a group of young talent of an international insurance company. They learnt not only the foundation of leadership, but also how to become great leaders. Through interesting and impactful experiential activities, they were able to explore the following three core elements of leadership during the program:

  1. Know Their Talents. Great leaders should be able to realize their unique talents and fully utilize them at work. They should also know how to leverage individual team members’ talents in order to actualize the team’s potentials in achieving organizational goals.

  2. Know Their Purpose. Great leaders should be able to channel their passion and positive energy into their team members in order to motivate them to pursue goals.

  3. Know Their Contributions. Great leaders should be able to produce measurable results. They should know what measurable outcomes are important to the companies and then mobilize resources effectively to generate these results.

Looking for an effective leadership foundation program that can turn your employees into great leaders? Simply contact us at .

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