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"The Art of Korean Candle Making: How a Simple Activity Can Build a Strong Team"

Can you identify the brand of this beautiful Korean candle from the video?

Yes, it's Tiffany, a beloved brand with many fans.

We were thrilled to support the team-building journey for one of the newly formed Tiffany teams, with the goal of enhancing mutual understandings, bonding, and collaboration among team members.

For newly formed teams, building psychological safety is critical to their development and success. Apart from different team activities to encourage the team members to open up and communicate with one another, we used DISC personality profiles to facilitate a deeper understanding among the team members.

In this team building program, we incorporated new design elements and surprises in a simulated activity called "Korea Candle Creation." The Korea Candle Creation team building activity challenges team members to approach new tasks with creativity and collaboration, and to make use of each other's talents. The team masterpiece (Korea Candle) serves as a psychological anchor to reignite the positive emotions and bonding created.

After the team building, we conducted follow-up 1-on-1 debriefings with each team member, as well as with the team leaders, to review the milestones achieved and progress made. We were glad to see, hear, and feel the different team spirit in their meetings.

We will have quarterly follow-ups to continue supporting the growth and development of the team.

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