Join Our 6-week PERMAH Campaign to Fight Against Pandemic & Adversity.Together We Spread Positivity.

Hong Kong’s third wave of coronavirus infections continued unabated. Our overwhelming fear and anxiety about the increasing number of local cases with unknown origins, coupled with the government’s most stringent social-distancing measures, have caused negative emotions and frustration in us. In fact, a survey conducted by the Centre for Health Protection revealed that 40% of Hong Kong people interviewed believed that their mental health was poor in the past 6 months, and more than 5% suffered from severe mental distress in the past month.

Talent Academy is part of the community. We are always here to help.

In order to spread positivity and help people in our community to improve their mental health, Talent Academy is delighted to launch a 6-week PERMAH Campaign starting from July.

What is PERMAH?

PERMAH is based on the "Well-Being Theory" by Professor Martin Seligman, one of the world-leading psychologists. It aims at raising positive feelings and behaviors, thus boosting positive development in us and making our lives more fulfilling. It suggests that our wellbeing is cultivated by 6 elements in our lives, including

· Positive emotion

· Engagement

· Relationships

· Meaning

· Accomplishment

· Health

During six weeks of PERMAH Campaign, you will see our daily posts with weekly themes on Facebook and Instagram, as well as a collection of inspiring videos, articles and quotes that we think are beneficial to your mental wellbeing.

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Do you want to know your own Happiness and Well-being Index? Click on this link to complete our free PERMAH questionnaire

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Thinking about how to improve your colleagues' mental health in times of COVID-19? We have an array of virtual programs available to support, including Managing Stress and Maintaining a Healthy Workplace, Mindfulness at Work, etc. Simply contact us via for further information.

Let's fight the pandemic and bring positive energy to everyone around us!

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