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Enhancing Your Digital Literacy. Preparing to become a Virtual Meeting MasterHost.

In wake of the coronavirus outbreak and the implementation of social distancing measures, many organizations are switching from face-to-face to virtual meetings. Conducting a productive virtual meeting could be challenging. You might encounter distracted participants who keep checking their emails, rambling discussions, dead silence, etc. The meeting host must be able to keep dispersed participants connected and engaged, ensuring that they are all contributing throughout the entire virtual meeting.

In May, we launched our first public online webinar Virtual Meeting MasterHost. This is an interactive webinar that aims to equip virtual meeting hosts with the easy-to-use tools and tips to address these challenges, enabling them to conduct effective and interactive virtual meetings by leveraging different online platform tools.

Over 30 HR practitioners and training professionals joined the two webinars, in which they learnt about the 3Ps for becoming a successful Virtual Meeting MasterHost:

  • Platform tools to make your virtual meetings interactive for greater audience engagement

  • Psychological Strategies to make virtual meetings engaging and productive

  • Presentation techniques to make your virtual presence credible and professional

Want to enable your managers / supervisors to facilitate effective and engaging virtual meetings? Simply drop us a line at and find out more about how we can meet your needs with our suite of virtual learning solutions.

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