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Where Do You See Yourself in the Future? — Don’t Manage Time, Manage Yourself!

If you got a prize of $86400 today — how would you allocate it?

So much more than dollar spending, the most valuable and scarce asset nowadays is another type of currency, except for it’s always fairly the same amount for everyone, and cannot be retrieved or earned once lost — our time and attention.

86400 seconds a day. In a world full of noises, how do you make your choices? How much time do you self-indulge in binge-watching and wake up tired? The way you “manage your time”, is it jotting to-dos on your post-it? Scheduling on a calendar?

Our principal consultant, Mr. Matchy Ma led a virtual time management program for specialists and therapists who often have to deal with urgent client cases and their unending list of issues. Instead of “time management”, Matchy dug deep into the latest generations of “task management”.

Most crucially, the training strived to overthrow the ambiguity and uncertainty not of this volatile era, but that we impose on ourselves. Trainees navigated through our custom-built “life compass” to find their true north — the aspirations behind their goals that articulate a higher purpose and value — Akin to how Matchy has found his calling since young, worked through it, and founded Talent Academy.

While his business schedule was packed to the brim, “I’ve always had great self-discipline. Writing a long list of goals for both short- and long-term, and conducting reviews on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis.” With his rich experience in micro- and macro-event management throughout his career, family life, and personal hobbies, Matchy will guide you through effective time planning, setting priorities according to importance not only at a personal level, but at a team level through communication with supervisors and colleagues.

In lieu of a banal one-size-fits-all “time management” system, you’d rethink where you see yourself in the future, thus developing plans and tools that are unique to you.

As the notion says, the past is history, the future is a mystery, and now is a gift. — That’s why it’s called the Present. Instead of amusing ourselves to death in the age of show business and being caught up in the thick of thin things, seize the present to unlock the time capsule of your deepest dreams. Contact us via and let’s make your vision a reality!

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