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Talent Academy Debuts Bite-size "COVID-19 & Training Profession" Video Series. Watch & Get Inspired.

In 2020, when we were facing both the challenges and opportunities posed by the pandemic, we took the courage to shift gears and transformed ourselves into a truly provider of online training solutions. Over the year, we have had ample opportunities to work with different corporations in designing and facilitating a variety of virtual training programs and events, including webinars, Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT), virtual team building events, virtual Staff Development Day, virtual offsite meetings, etc.

As we journeyed into the world of virtual training, we found that corporate clients had different attitudes towards the adoption of online training as well as digital learning. Some of them worried about whether virtual training was a right fit for the company. They simply put a halt to all training activities. Some of them had more of a wait-and-see attitude about virtual training. They stayed on the fence and observed. Fortunately, some of them decided to do the opposite. They stepped on the gas in terms of transforming themselves into agile L&D functions that could respond quickly to find ways to adapt to the new normal, leading to a thirst for various types of virtual training and digital learning.

In order to further share with you our experiences, we have developed a series of bite-size videos in which Christopher and Matchy, our Principal Consultants, will talk about how the pandemic has impacted the training profession. They will also provide insights into new opportunities for corporations, learners, and corporate trainers in this Covid-19 era.

Click on these links to watch:

Part I : Covid-19 & Training Profession

企業培訓新常態 」第一集 Covid-19與培訓專業

Part II : Corporations’ Reactions Under Covid-19

企業培訓新常態 」第二集疫情下企業之反應

Part III: Opportunities Under the COVID-19 (Corporations)

企業培訓新常態 」第三集疫情下培訓行業的機遇 [企業篇]

Part IV: Opportunities Under the COVID-19 (Learners)

企業培訓新常態 」第四集疫情下培訓行業的機遇 [學員篇]

Part V: Opportunities Under the COVID-19 (Corporate Trainers)

企業培訓新常態 」第五集疫情下培訓行業的機遇 [企業培訓師篇]

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