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Bolstering Team Effectiveness through our Bite-Sized MBTI Online Modules

The Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) is one of the most well-known and popular psychometric tools that is widely adopted by organizations to empower employees, improve teamwork and collaboration, and promote diversity. Recently, we were commissioned by a healthcare company to help them build a stronger team through MBTI to improve relationships and communication among employees.

When it comes to learning at work, time is always the biggest challenge. Getting dispersed employees to spend a day together to comprehend the concept of MBTI and its applications is no mean feat. We, therefore, have broken up a typical one-day MBTI program into digestible chunks – a series of 60-90 min online modules – in hopes of facilitating delegates’ learning for better understanding and retention. With a thoughtful program design, this tailored approach allows employees to absorb each section of complex topics before moving on to the next.

Apart from the MBTI online program, we also offer a suite of highly impactful webinars that allow your employees to learn anytime, anywhere. Click on this link to read our comprehensive list: .

To find out how we can customize our webinars to suit your specific needs, simply send an email to .

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