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Is #AgileManagement relevant to your industry or company?

After 4 years of leading Agile Transformations in diverse Organizations and Training Executives on how to adopt Agile across functions, I can safely say - it is! Unfortunately, it has also become a very loosely used buzzword, here are 3 #myths about #Agile:

1. “It is only for the #Technology industry!” Not really, it is now being adopted in a whole host of #diverse industries.

2. “It is just a soft #skill.” Maybe, but it is also a full-blown #Management Practice to Lead in the #DigitalAge.

3. “It is for #Project Managers only!” It may have started there, but today it’s being adopted in every function like #HR & #Procurement.

#AON Leadership Team realized it’s relevance for #insurance and has trained its #Executives across functions. A couple of moments from our engaging #AgileLeadership #offsite lead together with Talent Academy’s Close Working Partner, Mr Aalok Gupta (LSF Global), expert in Agile Management Practises.

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