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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.


Albert Einstein

Unleashing Thinking Power

Sharpen your mind in solving problems, making sharp decisions and generating innovative ideas

Awaken Your Creative Mind 

Awaken Your Creative Mind

To resolve daily work problems and strive for continuous improvement, our ability to think creatively and outside of our box are critical. 


To many people, creativity belongs to artists, designers, architects, or kids, yet everyone is born to be creative as long as you master few principles and techniques.  


The “Awaken Your Creative Mind” program aims at building your creative mindset and toolbox, so that you can be creative at any time you need. 

Master Your Positive Mind

"Do you see the half glass of water as half full or half empty?” This is the classic metaphor in describing if a person is positive and negative. 


In fact, we can all nurture a positive mindset by learning how our mind works and the techniques in using our mind positively. Research shows that positive mindset will allow us to enrich more positive emotions, generate more creative ideas, and build up a better well-being. 


The “Master Your Positive Mind” program aims at equipping the participants with empowering and positive mindset so that they can generate more positive energy and better solutions in facing their daily work challenges. 


Master Your Positive Mind

It was a fantastic experience to have partnership with Talent Academy on our signature company program – “2014- 2016  Vision Day”. Our associates, our organizing team and management teams were high impressed by the professionalism offered to us during the whole journey, from design to delivery. Again, the workshop run by Matchy was definitely more than a classic team building one. With his commercial and professional background, he managed to integrate our business essences into the workshop with practicality and interaction, strengthening our alignment and engagement. We look forward to working with Matchy and his team again in the future.


Tammy Wong

Personnel & Organization Manager

MARS Foods Hong Kong

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