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Working Smart With the Art of Conversation

The art of conversation consists as much in listening politely, as in talking agreeably”. – Hayley Atwell

From time to time, we may have worked with co-workers who have difficulty in connecting with others because of their poor communication skills, such as inappropriate choice of words in their conversations, improper tone of voice and body language, etc. Ineffective communication can lead to workplace conflicts and poor work relationships. Fresh out of school, young new hires may find it particularly challenging to communicate effectively with their supervisors and co-workers because they may not adequately possess soft skills in the workplace.

A group of new hires from a listed utility company recently joined our Working Smart Through Connection Program. It is a highly interactive workshop that aims to help young new joiners attain essential interpersonal and communication skills. Through fun-filled activities and interesting, yet inspiring videos, participants were able to identify communications pitfalls, understand the importance of building rapport with their supervisors and co-workers, and demonstrate proper verbal and non-verbal communication skills. By knowing how to “work smarter” through effective communications, they can build better connections with their colleagues while creating positive and harmonious work relationships. They now realize that having effective communication skills is vital for them to pursue not only personal development but also career success.

If you are looking for effective soft skills training, simply contact us at To find out more about how our wide range of training programs can meet your needs, visit our website at .

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