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So... What's Your Point?

“Successful presentations are understandable, memorable, and emotional.” – Carmine Gallo, a business communication expert.

We convey different messages to a group of people through presentations. While some presentation aims to update team members, others seeks approval from the senior management of the business. On the other hand, some people can brief others in a presentation while others share new insights on particular matters. Despite their varying focus, they all serve one purpose: to communicate a point with others. However, it is sometimes hard for people to concentrate and comprehend the points in the presentation due to a number of reasons. So, how can we make our presentation's point clear and concise?

In the “Whatz Your Point? Persuasive Presentation Design” program facilitated by Talent Academy, participants from an insurance company learned the crucial elements of a presentation and how to highlight their key points. Participants also explored various ways to develop a persuasive structure in their presentation and strategies to convince their audience. Through different group and individual activities, participants came up with their own original method of attracting audience and creating an appealing presentation flow. They also discovered new approaches of visualising information to deliver information in succinct and interesting ways.

A follow-up program will take place in the coming week, participants will learn to apply their knowledge from this training and practice their presentation delivery. Keep practicing and we will see you soon!

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