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Our New Virtual Team Building Idea is Adding Whole New Dimensions to Traditional Team Building Event

Are you running out of fresh ideas to keep your remote team engaged? Don't worry. Here at Talent Academy, we provide carefully designed, objective-based virtual team building solutions that can help you build camaraderie in your team, We recently delivered a nerve-testing yet fun-filled virtual team building activity - Bomb Defusal Game - to a group of engineers of a listed company. One of the team members is trapped in room with a ticking bomb. To disarm the bomb before the clock runs out, other team members must talk him/her through the procedures by following clues found in the bomb defusal manual. Just one wrong move, the bomb will detonate! While the team members are sweating buckets, they need to formulate their strategies and plans, leverage individual team members’ talents and demonstrate skills on teamwork, communication, organization, problem solving and decision making…just like their office. Team members have the opportunity to discuss and analyze their experiences, reflect on their learning, and summarize their takeaways. They will remember this unique, unforgettable virtual team building experience around their office for years to come.

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