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Transforming A Good Team into A Great One

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Undoubtedly, good teamwork has become increasingly imperative for organizational success in today’s competitive world. Companies can make the most of the teams’ collective skills, talents and experiences through good teamwork to drive efficient and productive business outcomes.

However, a work group would not evolve into a thriving team without making a conscious effort to build and develop. To facilitate the transformation, many savvy organizations are committed to take various initiatives to promote good teamwork and enable employees to work together synergistically in the workplace.

Talent Academy recently designed and held a Team Development Event for China Everbright Bank, Hong Kong Branch, to support the transformation into a great team. Through well-designed and fun activities such as 3D Balloon Challenge, team members are so much motivated to work collectively to achieve the team’s goals. They not only form stronger bonds which will carry over into the office, but also have their teamwork skills enhanced, such as communication skills, planning and organizational skills and problem-solving skills. Let’s hear what their Chief Administrative Officer & Managing Director, Ms Fanny Chan, says about this fantastic Team Development Event.

“A terrific and superb team building event on a beautiful Saturday, with direct and high impact to all attended. Am really pleased to see the wholehearted commitment of our people. The takeaways are instrumental - increased motivation, enhanced collaboration, encourage creativity, positive reinforcement, improved communication, and have loads of fun!!!”

If you're looking for a meaningful, impactful and exciting team development event, simply contact us via .

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