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Can’t Get Enough of the Olympic Fever? Build Teams that Last and Create Moments to Savour via Sports

Teamwork has a dramatic effect on organizational performance. Yet, a cohesive team isn’t naturally built when all colleagues go to the same place day in and day out. What’s better than heating up the Olympic topic for now, and building stronger teams through sportsmanship?

Riding on the Olympic fever, our principal consultant, Christopher Lee, together with our motivational speaker, Kyle Choi (former World Cycling Champion & Hong Kong Cycling Representative in the London Olympic Game) run an Olympics-themed team building event for a group of technical trainees of a public utility company, with the aim of building stronger, authentic bonds with their mentors through a series of fun-filled bicycle-based activities.

To start off the event, Kyle inspired the participants with his athleticism by sharing his secrets to overcoming obstacles and defying the odds in achieving gold-medal success. Participants rode on Kyle’s rollercoaster journey from passion discovery to how he dealt with his unbelievable highs and crushing lows. They realized that on the winding road to success, they are no different from world-class athletes. To overcome fear of failure, they would require not only sheer determination, great dedication, and single-mindedness, but also motivation and encouragement from other people along the way, just like the edification from their mentors.

After the sharing session, participants were split into smaller teams to compete for the championship in a hexathlon consisting of bicycle-based games. Each game was tied to a teamwork mentality. For instance, the wheel bowling game is the analogy of sharing goals as a team and hitting team targets. During the debriefing session, team members had the opportunity to review their team performance, as well as to reflect on their learning and takeaways in terms of team collaboration, communication, problem solving and decision making. Throughout the competition, stronger team identities were manifested in a chorus of cheering applause, and their expression of acknowledgment, appreciation, and encouragement.

Want to catch the Olympic fever and kindle the team spirt in your employees through exciting sports-based team building activities? Contact us via to find out more. Let’s go beyond ordinary team building and build cohesive teams that last!

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