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The Art and Science of Effective Cross-Generational Communication at Workplace

“Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.” - Mike Krzyzewski

Generational differences exist in the workplace. Each generation has different values, traits, work styles and expectations. No matter whether you are a baby boomer, a Gen X, or a millennial, it can be challenging to work with cross-generational colleagues because these differences always result in frequent conflicts and organizational battles. As managers or supervisors, working with younger employees requires a good understanding of differences in styles of communication. Giving them a rebuke in the hope of improving their performance no longer work nowadays. When communication differences are well addressed, doing coaching or performance management with junior-level employees would become much easier and effective.

Talent Academy recently delivered the Across-generation Engagement Through Effective Communication program to a group of supervisors of an electric company. In the workshop, participants learnt about how to use effective cross-generational communication skills to give objective, non-threatening feedback to junior subordinates without making them feel resentful. For example, instead of using authoritative statements such as “You shouldn’t do that”, why not saying “It’d be better if you could...” Communicating with younger colleagues, enabling them to grow and perform is no longer a hassle.

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