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Stop Robot Reading: Your Stage, Your Show-and-tell!

In the rumbling age of show business, our eyes never rest as there is always something new to see. On our hands we hold a small screen yet an entrance to the world of millions of moving pictures, the unending discovery of intriguing personas, all in the edge of finely edited post-production, the ease of lightning speed, and the ecstasy of engrossing in its dynamic variety. We hold the key to all the razzle-dazzle that interests us in the state of full attentiveness.

Until reality pulls us back to work. When we are expecting our colleagues’ presentations to be Ted Talks and stand-up comedies, it becomes so mind-numbing to attend to them being statues reading aloud everything on the wordy slides in monotone. Perhaps it is so rooted in a culture where students are so used to cramming since young and even high-ranking executives adhering to the script of their master ghost-writers.

Our Principal Consultant, Mr. Matchy Ma, is also a Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) who won Champions in international public speaking contests. With his rich experience in originating scripts, connecting with audiences from different countries, and great sense of humor, he held days of Presentation Skills small-group coaching and interactive training for a group of technical engineers and construction consultants transforming each of them into a storyteller who strengthens his/her messages with the magic of metaphors; a salesperson who sees from his/her clients’ lens and speaks their needs; a performer who makes use of the stage for an optimal audience experience; a professional who knows the balance between languaging and framing and upholding honesty and integrity.

How to show the years of hard work that one has done in minutes? How does one consolidate the massive load content of ideas to sustain the audience’s attention span? There ain’t no editing post-production for real-life presentations, but there can be the best “one-take” live show as “practice makes perfect” with our trainer’s feedback to your blind spots and train up your innate strengths. The key to these answers is at Build your character and charisma on stage, show-and-tell!

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