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The Art of Relationship Building and Networking

“ People connect on the basic of similarity. “ — Virginia Satir, Author of The New People-making

Think about your buddies’ characters. It seems like you are their ‘average’ — that you possess attributes that are shared common among them. We connect with people that are similar to us, and every connection is indeed unique. What makes them unique? The Johari Window in Psychology suggests that there are four ‘self’s: Open self, blind self, hidden self and unknown self. Some of them are known to others, while others might be hidden. At the very beginning, we only scratch the surface —that is, we only grasp the superficial, observable part of our counterparts. What strengthen our relationship depends on how well you trust and how well you and your fellow’s beliefs get synchronized. That’s the gist that make our relationships special.

As mentioned, ‘trust’ is a crucial ingredient to keep our relationship concrete and long-lasting. Talent Academy recently offered a learning session to young talents of an multinational insurance company, providing insights and practical tools regarding relationship building and networking at work. There are several relationship checking tools, and tips to build trust with others:

  1. We should stop being judgmental. Pay attention not to make prejudices based on first impressions.

  2. The building of trust is a mutual process. You give and you receive.

  3. Be empathetic rather than sympathetic. Tell that gloomy friend that you always stand by him/her, and that you are happy that he/she shared his/hers worries to you. Notice that timely advice and suggestions are useful, but sometimes a hug would be enough to soothe your friend.

An office works like a wifi. When the connection is good, it functions well. So, it is of vital importance that employees are having a good relationship with each other. Searching for a program that helps improve their relationship building and network skills? Simply contact us at

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