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[ Whatzyourpoint Presentation Design] Program

Does any of the following scenarios make you feel nervous?

• You are seeking management approval for a 2M budget and all you have is a 5-minute slot?

• Out of nowhere, the board of directors has just asked you to offer an update of a project. Can you craft your presentation on very short notice?

• You are about to present some ground-breaking ideas to a panel of critical and risk-adverse leaders who are constantly looking for fallacies and potential risks in submitted proposals. Do you have what it takes to prove the value of your ideas?

In situations like the aforementioned, content and structure are more important than your delivery skills. That’s why in Whatzyourpoint we teach frameworks and tools to design persuasive boardroom-style presentations.

The program is developed in collaboration with Gene Zelazny, Former Director of Visual Communications for McKinsey & Company. Participants will learn and practice a systematic approach to designing “high-stakes” presentations based on Gene’s 50 years of experience in teaching presentation design in one of the world’s most respected consulting firms.

Our Consultant, Mr Matchy Ma, is leading the diverse team to learn how to be more persuasive and logical in designing business presentation via whatzyourpoint.

The diverse group of participants are from U.K., Holland, Romania, France, India, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

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