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[ Effective Planning and Assertive Communication ] Program

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” (Alan Lakein)

Questioning why your business plan are always banned? Ever wondering why your supervisor could have such a holistic thinking, able to bring out ideas that you cannot bring out and immediately able to pop out a contingency plan if emergency happens?

The major reason is that your supervisors have a PLAN inside his/her mind and you may not.

Our consultant, Mr. Christopher Lee, conducts a series of workshops to a group of managers on the topic of planning and communication styles. Christopher customizes a thinking tool according to the needs of client, assisting and guiding them through the comprehensive thinking process, furthermore, facilitating them to make an all-rounded decision and prepare themselves in face of emergencies.

Want to prepare yourself to all sort of situations? Thorough planning paves the way to success and direct your way away from failure.

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