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Annual Performance Review is Coming to Town!

Santa Claus is coming to town this December, spreading festive cheer and joy! But amidst the jingle bells and holiday festivities, there's another arrival that deserves attention – the annual performance management review.

As we gear up for the season of giving, let's not forget the gift of growth and development that comes with fair assessments, constructive feedback, and the promise of a successful journey ahead.

This month, we are engaged in supporting different organizations in refreshing and equipping managers to prepare and conduct high-impact performance conversations. While performance management has been a long-standing practice for organizations, we consolidate the best practices on the W.I.I.F.M (What’s In It For Me?) as the manager in making performance conversations meaningful and impactful.

The best practices are summarized in an acronym, "EFGHI":

E - Evaluation (Fair Assessment): Just as Santa checks his list twice, fair and transparent assessments ensure that talent is recognized and developed where it truly counts.

F - Feedback (To Feedforward): While we eagerly await Santa's verdict, feedback from our performance review isn't just a reflection; it's a roadmap for improvement. Use insights from the past to guide future success.

G - Guide: Santa's sleigh isn't the only thing guiding us this season. A robust performance management system acts as a guide, directing both individuals and teams toward their full potential.

H - Human Touch (Touch Point to Connect and Elevate Staff): Behind every metric, there's a person. Just as Santa connects with each child, humanizing the performance management process fosters connection, building a workplace where individuals feel valued.

I - Incentive (Pay for Performance): As we anticipate the joy of unwrapping gifts, recognize and reward excellence in the workplace. Linking incentives to performance creates a culture of accountability and motivation.

In the latest Performance Management program, we've added one more element before the “E” - "D" for Development. Much like Santa's elves honing their skills, the performance review is a crucial step for staff development. It's not just about where you are now, but about crafting a path for continuous growth and excellence.

In crafting the DEFGHI model, we've not only drawn inspiration from the festive spirit but have distilled best practices that highlight the essence of a successful performance review. It's not just about evaluation; it's a holistic approach that incorporates feedback, guidance, a human touch, incentives, and development to create a workplace where both individuals and teams flourish. Embrace both the magic of the holidays and the opportunities for professional elevation this December!

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