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Making a Positive First Impression

"Your career success in the workplace of today - independent of technical expertise - depends on the quality of your people skills." - Max Messmer

Interpersonal skills are becoming more important in businesses nowadays. Positive interpersonal skills allow effective communication and understanding among employees and with clients. This means that there will be fewer misunderstandings and employees are more capable at resolving conflicts. As a result, employees are more satisfied with their work, and their efficiency and effectiveness also enhance. In addition, clients are more likely to stay loyal to the business as they feel that they are connected with the employees.

In a two-hour seminar for an insurance company, Talent Academy has introduced different psychological principles and methods to help participants build a positive interpersonal relationship with other people. Participants discovered the importance of making a positive first impression and learn about different ways to start and sustain a conversation with their clients. The seminar ended with a sharing by Miss Ma Man Sum, the Hong Kong Karate representative. She shared with the audience how interpersonal relationship and the never-give-up attitude have helped her excel at the highest level in her athlet journey and have kept her moving forward.

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